SAP/Oracle Financials Functional Support

SAP/Oracle Financials Functional Support

Many small and midcap companies are seeking outsourced solutions for their SAP/Oracle support requirements. Besides cutting down on the cost of maintaining the system it also gives access to higher quality staff and better ability to service support/ upgrade requirements.

SAP/Oracle systems are highly advanced and complicated systems which require experts to guide and support system end-users. These experts have the functional experience, domain expertise as well as good knowledge of the technology and hence they are in a good position to act as liaison between technical support services and end-users.

Services offered in the following areas:

  • SAP/Oracle Functional Support
  • Developing user manuals on SAP FICO/ Oracle financial modules
  • Training staff on SAP FICO/ Oracle financial modules
  • Developing Financial Reports on Discoverer, Cognos, Hyperion and SAP BI
  • Provide support in testing during upgrade, patch application

Service model
Your back office partners offer Level 2 support services.

We believe Level 1 support (simple system issues and routine user queries) are best handled by in-house ERP team who are in direct contact with end users. Complicated system issues which Level 1 support staff are unable to resolve should be directed to Level 2 support staff.

Service Level Agreements

We agree on SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with the client which defines priority status of issues raised by the users and response and resolution times.

Service Delivery

We offer flexibility on mode of service delivery. Based on client requirements, we either work on client systems (through remote access) or on our systems directly.


We offer both hourly and fixed rates pricing. Please contact us for a service proposal and quotation.