Financial Evaluations/Assessments

Financial evaluations/assessments

Financial Assessments are usually carried out before a decision is taken to give a loan, approve a project or purchase a property.

In terms of real estate, it could involve assessing the age of the property, taxes payable, repairs required, income generation, utility consumption, staff payroll expenses, vacancy trends, insurance. A Financial Assessment highlights the strike price at which the property would be a revenue generating investment for business.

Before investment in large construction projects, evaluations are done regarding the ability of the business to service the contract. This involves assessment of business health, past record and future commitments.

Similarly, for an Individual it involves evaluating the source of income, commitments and credit/ default history.

Financial Assessments generally involve volumes, with assessments being carried out for various alternative options on a regular basis. As the majority of the job is repetitive for a person with finance knowledge, its a perfect candidate for outsourced management.

Why outsource your financial assessments and evaluations to us?

  • Ability to expand team size during peak periods
  • Access to higher quality finance professionals at affordable price
  • Leverage time zone difference to facilitate lower turnaround time
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Reduce training and turnover costs