Management Reports – MIS

Management Reports – MIS

Management Information Systems or MIS are the tools that help managers and decision makers to organize, evaluate and manage departments. Reports can be used to gather trends, narrow in on focus areas, highlight exceptions and evaluate options. Once data is captured in any accounting or ERP system, the next logical step is to derive manage reports using the same. This can be done using Business Intelligence Tools like Discoverer, Hyperion, Cognos or it can also be done by taking out reports from existing systems and using Excel/ Access etc to generate Management Reports.

Examples of scenarios where MIS proves useful

  • Based on sales by product a retailer could identify the best selling products by customer demographics
  • An e-retailer can understand main reasons for chargebacks and identify vendors/ products with quality / stock issues
  • Revenue mismatch between payment processor and Bank Account can be highlighted on daily basis

An ability to develop good MIS reports involves understanding the business strategically and information systems technically. This requires an ability to see the big picture and the small details and use of technology to facilitate analytical reporting.

With our understanding of business metrics and ability to use technology innovatively, we can help you leverage your information systems to get competitive advantage.

Under MIS Reporting

  • We could help you identify the best reports to generate from your existing software
  • We can develop reports on your BI tools like Oracle Discover, Hyperion, Cognos BI
  • We could also develop reports externally on MS Access/ MS Excel using data and reports from your data capturing systems
  • We can also advise you on how to change your data capture process to facilitate more meaningful analysis (addition of fields, format data capture to facilitate reporting)
  • Based on your business goals, we could align your MIS to facilitate the same

MIS aligned with business goals could help you make your business more efficient, effective, profitable and competitive.