Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Small and medium enterprises often find it difficult and expensive to hire qualified individuals to perform specialised accounting services functions like budgeting, reporting etc. While, as business owners, they understand the difference it could make, they are not able to practically fill this missing gap. On the other hand, bigger organizations are looking for ideas to reduce their cost base, get increased return on investment, have access to specialised staff and lower overhead costs.

Traditionally, outsourcing was thought in terms of data entry and lower level work involving minimum skill set. Increasing firms are now awakening to the idea of acquiring highly skilled staff through outsourcing and exploring the possibilities for increased partnership with outsourcing firms in accounting services. Firms are now using outsourced services to get higher competency work (not involving executive decision making) done. The advantage is you are able to hire higher quality employees at lower price while not having to worry about the HR and other overhead cost.

Main Advantages of outsourcing your Accounting Services

  • Access to highly qualified individuals
  • At lower cost base
  • No recruitment, turnover costs
  • No training costs for employees
  • No overhead costs on additional staff
  • Minimum supervision

We have in our team Chartered Accountants (CA), CA semi qualifed staff, Bachelors in Commerce graduates. We offer our employees the ability to further enhance their craft by rotating them within projects in the medium term, which in turn adds to our retention ability of staff on the job. Thus we create a win- win scenario for our clients, our employees and our business providing value added services at economical costs.

Accountancy Services has a wider ambit than Book keeping which involves recording of transactions. Under Accounting Services we provide the below services:

  1. Accounting System Design & Implementation: This involves understanding your financial and management accounting requirements and developing your chart of accounts, setting up your accounting software to meet your requirements for analysis and reporting.
  2. Financial Accounting: This involves recording your business transactions, raising bills/invoices, bank reconciliations and finalising your books of account.
  3. Budgeting: We can help you in recording your budgets, tracking changes to budgets and measuring performance against budgets.
  4. Financial Reporting: We provide month end reporting and year end reporting services to meet your compliance requirements.
  5. MIS Reports: We can help you design reports on your MIS system which can be used for your management analysis
  6. Financial Analysis: We can develop templates for management analysis as well as financial tools to be used for various calculations
  7. Asset Accounting Management: We can develop tools for asset accounting and management or optimise your existing systems to do the same.
  8. Depreciation and Amortization Schedules: We can help you prepare depreciation and amortization schedules for your financial and tax reporting purposes.